Dental Crowns Bath, NH

When a tooth suffers from decay or other damage, it is important to restore the tooth in order to prevent the damage from becoming more serious. One of the restorations our dentist in Bath, New Hampshire may recommend is called a dental crown. A crown, sometimes called a cap, is a tooth-shaped restoration that is designed to entirely encase the damaged tooth. By covering the tooth, starting at the gums, the dental crown returns the tooth to its ideal shape, structure, and size. We can also restore the tooth’s original appearance and color by using a porcelain crown that is matched to your natural tooth color. If you prefer, we provide dental crowns in Bath, NH made from gold or porcelain fused to metal as well.

Dr. Faluotico may recommend a dental crown to restore a seriously damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns can also be used for a number of other purposes, including:

  • To anchor a dental bridge
  • To protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • To strengthen a tooth that is cracked or otherwise weakened
  • To improve the appearance and functionality of an irregularly shaped tooth
  • To enhance the beauty of your smile by covering a tooth that is severely stained or darkened

To discover whether a dental crown in Bath, New Hampshire, is right for your smile, we welcome you to call or visit New Bridge Dental today. We are eager to restore your smile!