Denture Stabilization w/ Mini Dental Implants

Do you wear dentures? Do your dentures ever slip or come loose while you are eating, chewing, speaking, or laughing? We understand that your dentures may slip at the most inconvenient times. To prevent the discomfort and embarrassment that can be caused by your dentures coming loose, we are pleased to provide affordable denture stabilization with mini dental implants in Bath, New Hampshire. This process involves attaching your dentures to mini dental implants for exceptional security and stability. Mini dental implants in Bath, NH are very small posts that are surgically inserted into the gum tissues and jawbone. The denture is then anchored to the mini dental implants to prevent it from shifting or slipping. In most cases, Dr. Faluotico can complete the denture stabilization process in just a couple of comfortable visits to New Bridge Dental in Bath. Some cases can even be completed in a single day – if you can’t bite an apple in the morning, you can bite one at night!

In addition to greatly improving the stability of your dentures, denture stabilization with mini dental implants in Bath, NH can help your dentures feel more natural. Many of our patients in the Bath area find that implant-supported dentures feel more similar to their natural teeth because they are held in place more securely. If you believe affordable denture stabilization with mini dental implants may be the solution your smile needs, please feel free to contact our dentist and dental team today by calling our office. We are eager to improve your smile!