Tooth Extractions Bath, NH

At New Bridge Dental, we work hard to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. While we strive to keep your natural teeth healthy for life, some instances may arise which necessitate the removal, or extraction, of a tooth. Tooth extraction may be required if:

  • The tooth is so badly decayed or injured that an effective restoration (with a filling, crown, etc.) is impossible
  • There are too many teeth to properly fit in the mouth, resulting in severe tooth crowding
  • A serious infection has caused significant damage or destruction to the tooth and supporting bone structure
  • One or more baby teeth (primary teeth) are not falling out as normal and are blocking the way for erupting permanent teeth

We at New Bridge Dental do most tooth extractions here in our office; although, after thorough examination of the tooth structure, decay, and root system, we may refer some of the more complicated treatments to an oral surgeon. We provide you with the referral form and a list of local oral surgeons, as well as a copy of the X-ray in some instances. Dr. Faluotico is also happy to consult with you on tooth replacement options before and after your tooth extraction in Bath, New Hampshire. For more information about tooth extraction and our other dental treatment options, we welcome you to contact us today. We look forward to taking care of your smile.